Sunday, 17 July 2011

Sunday 17th July - Heading to Portree

We stayed last night by a small island called Caolas Eilein Ristol, after a well earned evening meal, we continued our planning for the rest of the trip. We listened to the weather forecast and realised we may need to look at changing our plans for Sunday.

After a good sleep and breakfast, we looked again at the current weather forecast. We realised the weather was worse than we had hoped for, and the wind was coming from a direction that would not allow us to make our planned journey around Cape Wrath. As the weather looked set to stay bad into the week, we decided to work with one of our alternative plans. We are now heading south to Fort William, to use the Caledonian Canal to travel across to Inverness on the east coast of Scotland.

So, we raised the anchor and very soon after had the sails out and headed out to the open sea. It was a little rocky to say the least, and several of our crew suffered with sea sickness. But between us we worked the sails, maned the helm and helped to plot the route. Portree on the east coast of the Isle of Skye was a welcome sight, and our destination for the day. We haved dropped the anchor and just eaten a much needed pasta bake. Its time to put on our pyjamas, eat some cake and have a planning session for tomorrow. We are looking forward to an early night and another day of adventure tomorrow.

Catch you soon...the crew x

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